Flow and Arrest (2013 - ongoing)

The ongoing photographic study Flow and Arrest contemplates the irregular modulations of movement, matter, and mind within the flow of time. Experiencing moments of flow or arrest changes the states and shapes of matter and mind. It gives reason to hold back or to rush along with unfolding events, sometimes simultaneously. The release and suspension of motion, the disintegration and stabilisation of presence and form can be seen as consequences of decisionmaking, of evolution, or of destiny.

The series Pause I-V and Semi-pause I-V observe frozen waterfalls and rivers in Iceland. The photographs are interested in the inherent impermanence and slow internal flow of the sculptural manifestation of water as ice, forming according to the parameters of a specific place, atmospheric temperature, and timeframe. They also look at the physical and ontological relation between these slowed-down solidifications and the faster flowing river underneath - their origin and destination.
Flow and arrest are seen here as different states of time itself in perpetual phase transition. They are constantly transforming into each other.

Pause I-V and Semi-Pause I-V were exhibited at Art Institute Shibukawa, Japan, in January 2013.

Pause I

Pause II

Pause III

Pause IV

Pause V

Semi-Pause I

Semi-Pause II

Semi-Pause III

Semi-Pause IV

Semi-Pause V